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Incredible! A perfect roast chicken every time! Husband also loves it, as he is the "dishie"...Cleans up like a dream!! I have recommended this to all my FB friends, many of whom have also ordered...!

Name: marcia walsh

Post Date: 2017-01-30


Love 'em!!! I would love a 12" square frying pan to complete my set. Any chance of that? Just bought the airfryer too.​

Name: Joy Rivelli

Post Date: 2017-01-30


Awesome cooking tool. Cleans as well as advertised!

Name: Mike Hinfey

Post Date: 2017-01-29


I truly love my copper chef pans. I stated out with the shallow 9 and not have 2 shallow, 1 deep and I just ordered the 11 inch pans. Now I really hope they can make cookie sheets. I no longer use any other pans. I started using the deep pan with the basket to do my pasta and it is like a built in strainer. Love the clean up even more

Name: Margaret

Post Date: 2017-01-29


I actually purchased the 9" square regular pan alone @ Walmart. I wanted to try it out before spending a lot more on more of this cookware. I LOVE the pan, I have used it on the stovetop and in the oven and have had great results! NOTHING sticks to it. And clean up is a breeze, just washed with a little dish soap and hot water for some greasy residue that wouldn't simply rinse off. I then came across the 5 piece set at Target and bought it. In the future as I can afford to purchase more, I intend to get the 11" set and both the glass presses. I did save by buying from retail stores, I wish the XL sets and accessories would become available via retail. Hopefully this very positive review will generate enough sales to offer more in retail stores. I 100% recommend it and intend to tell all my family about it. I wish I could afford to buy them all some of this awesome cookware. Oh, and I bought it because, out of all the non-stick copper type cookware I have seen on TV, this was the ONLY one that clearly stated it can be used with an induction cooktop. THAT'S why I bought it! One other unexpected feature, it is very light, very easy to handle!

Name: Jay

Post Date: 2017-01-28


I have the square pan and square them both!!! NOTHING cooks evenly. Very easy to clean. These are the only pans I use now. I have nothing negative to say about them.

Name: Debora Jackson

Post Date: 2017-01-28


Got my pan for Christmas! Made Meatloaf and it was awesome and making the Lasagna today, very exciting found the 8 oz pack of Ronzoni Oven Ready Lasagna Noodles and they fit in the pan perfectly no breaking needed!!

Name: Cindy Miller

Post Date: 2017-01-28


It works great, cleans up easy, nothing sticks, awesome.

Name: Randy

Post Date: 2017-01-27


I bought one as a Christmas gift, and one for myself as well. This pan is amazing! I use it every night, it had made me a chef extraordinaire, and I LOVE IT! My family loves it too, because of the meals that I cook in it. It is so easy to clean, after use. Even if I do not clean it right away... like I might watch some tv after dinner, then do the dishes, SO EASY! Nothing sticks to it. It is worth a lot more than $75.00. I recommend this pan to anyone & everyone. It is so wonderful! Thanks

Name: Danielle Robertson

Post Date: 2017-01-26


I am 70 years old and have used alot of cookware in my life. I think these pans are the greatest ever. Nothing does stick. I highly recommend them. They work great.

Name: Linda Smith

Post Date: 2017-01-26


i bought it for a fiance, he loves it, no complaints here, now i want the entire set. i will buy it soon.

Name: Wanda

Post Date: 2017-01-26